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Big dick long deep strokes Wanting Private Sex

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Big dick long deep strokes

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Do you like oral sex.

Age: 50
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City: Gold Coast–Tweed Heads
Hair: Not important
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Believe it or not there is an art to penetrating your woman and the way you thrust in and out of her pussy.

The first thing to understand is that women love the first thrust. Knowing this I always like to tease a bit and build strikes some anticipation before sliding in fully the first lomg. This usually involves rubbing your penis head on the inside and out of her pussy lips and rubbing the tip of your penis on her clitoris. Another thing I like to do is slide my penis up Clarkson Nebraska milf wants creampie down the outside of her vagina, but not penetrate her.

Think of a hotdog sliding in and out of a bun. And you can always just rest the tip of your penis at the opening of her vagina while Big dick long deep strokes kiss, etc.

This will drive her wild. There are two basic types of thrusting. The shallow thrust and the deep thrust. Shallow thrusting allows you to stimulate the opening of her vagina Big dick long deep strokes to about an inch deep, which for many women is a very sensitive part of the vagina. Also, the opening of her vagina is often the tightest part, so shallow thrusts allow you to concentrate a great deal of stimulation on the head of your penis and just below, which feels awesome.

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The deep thrust can be extremely pleasurable for the both of you. Deep thrusting can allow Big dick long deep strokes to aim for her G-spot and it can also allow you to position your pelvic bone on her clitoris or the area around her clitoris allowing her to rub up against you to trigger a clitoral orgasm.

I explain a technique called the CAT here that works great Big dick long deep strokes giving her a clitoral orgasm during penetration. Not only will varying your thrusting style give her an incredible experience, but it can also help you last longer during sex. For example, one of my Horney young women in Guilderland New York moves is to give dsep woman five or so log thrusts and then, on the sixth one, thrust deep and just leave my penis deep inside of her vagina for about a second or so, and if your woman is doing Kegel exercises, she can squeeze your penis with her vagina at the same time.

Big dick long deep strokes

If you wanna learn all my tips for lasting longer during sex, check out my Extreme Stamina course here. Jason, I bought one of your courses a while ago. Went to highschool together.

I am Love having sex but am having a hard time having an orgasm. What can I do. Great info Jason…. I use both shallow and deep strokes at various times Big dick long deep strokes it works like a charm. I think one of the largest mistakes men make is they rush too much through each phase of sex as if Goomburra granny having sex with is a goal to be obtained in each phase.

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Something my lady and I love is a Big dick long deep strokes deliberate circular grind bringing the penis all the way out to the outside of her vagina with an assertive but deliberate thrust all the way to the hilt and grinding your pelvis into her clit. Then slowly reverse directors. If she orgasms, encourage her to maintain eye contact while you mouth strokess sexy to her without actually saying it. Beyond hot…guaranteed rave reviews from her.

I was reading your stroke Technique. Hello Jason!

I have used several of your products and wanted to share something I learned on my own. I use to struggle with ED so I would do my best to master hand and mouth technics to get my woman off.

I stroles using my thumb after extended oral stimulation and discovered I could make my lady squirt every single time. I would pull her to the edge of the bed while I stood next to her. Then I lifted her legs and rested them on my chest Big dick long deep strokes I slip my right thump up to my palm tilting up toured her g spot. Then rappedly vibrate my strlkes back and forth. Boy was she surprised as was I.

I no longer struggle with ED but continue to use seep trick and it never fails. I also make sure to apply grapeseed oil. Just wanted to share.

Good day. Sex in cork Jason, we both enjoy what you and Gabrielle have taught us. Mostly the discussions are about finger massaging.

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I do not recall ever hearing about stimulating those spots with the head of the penis. I seems to Big dick long deep strokes, the penis head is the perfect tool for reaching and stimulation both for the forward thrust to put pressure strlkes the posterior and raking forward and withdrawal on the Anterior.

What is it I am missing? You always have the A plus game material Jason, like always Naughty teens want get sex will definitely switch, diffeet styles of stroking.

I can totally see like you say in female Orgasm blueprint anticipation is key. Do you ever suggest rotating strokes. Awesome juicy information Jason!

Some day when better finacial times I will indeed buy your online course. I belive I only really knew more Xick the average Joe at 36yo. Im 44 and having plenty of fun. Im single still. Utterly useful. After foreplay, she wants it all as deep as possible, I like the short strokes, so we have a problem right here!

Then after she cums several times I get the short strokes going and then I get to cum!

I guess this is ok! It would be nice to cum together once in awhile, you know! Bih a water based lube like Astroglide instead.

Big dick long deep strokes I Look Real Sex Dating

These really works hey. Now my girlfriend want strokws from me but only sex. Thank you Jason. Your email address will not be published.

Big dick long deep strokes I Am Look For People To Fuck

Free G-Spot Video Contact. Hello Jason how do i pay from Nigeria. Hey Jason I was reading your stroke Technique. Thanks Jason.

Thanks for sharing. This makes me all tingly inside just thinking about a man making love to me like this. You definitely know wht your talking about. Thanx Geo.

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