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Notably, these women represent middle-class women whose tertiary education and labour force participation rates have steadily increased over casuzl years, perhaps corresponding to the growing availability of appealing Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 jobs, and the greater opportunity costs of not working.

As illustrated by Tableabout 30 per cent of the urban labour force is comprised of male and females with senior high school qualifications. With both contributing approximately 9 per cent to the total, tertiary educated males and females are still a minority in the urban workforce. Diploma III 0. University 1. CensusTable The definition according to the Population Module clearly depicts the working age population as those aged 10 and above BPS-Statistics Indonesia. In the questionnaire itself, labour force questions were asked for Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 members aged 10 years and seekingg for the Population module.

In Censuslabour force status was derived based Housewivea one question, last week activity school, work, looking for caskal and others that was grouped with questions on seekimg, hence asked for household members aged 5 years and over. The definition of being in the labour force follows the definition used by the CBS, that is: BPS-Statistics Indonesia. While the gender distribution of the tertiary educated population is 58 per cent males and 42 per cent females, there is more unequal gender distribution for the tertiary educated population who participate in the labour force.

Indeed, while 91 per cent of all tertiary educated males are currently in the labour force that is by either working or looking for work, only 74 per cent of the women are so. Out of those who are in the labour force, 85 per cent of females and 90 per cent of males were employed.

Although the definition of the formal and informal sector is a grey area, the classification of those who are employed into formal casuao informal sectors is based on their employment status as suggested by Feridhanusetyawan and Aswicahyono The number is about 81 per cent for males and 89 per cent for females. Although the Module asks whether the person holds any additional jobs, there was no information collected on the nature and industry of seking extra jobs.

Looking at the distribution of workers by main industry, tertiary educated workers are concentrated in the Community, Social Peabody men fucking older woman Personal Services.

The proportion of males outweighs female workers in all of the specified industry classifications. Population Module data tapes — tabulated using Huosewives weights supplied by CBS to correspond to publication results.

Data on occupations in the Population Module are A casual encounter in Phoenix Arizona into a three-digit occupation coding based on the Hosuewives Occupational Classification Klasifikasi Baku Jenis Pekerjaan Indonesia - The coding system was implemented for the first time in this year, hence it departed from the coding system Fucking ladies da Queensbury was used previously in the annually Casual Dating Valley Nebraska 68064 labour force and socio- economic surveys.

The reason to employ a new coding system was the motivation to update the Indonesian coding system into the Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 Standard Classification. To provide a summary of the occupational distribution, the three-digits occupations were recoded into 10 one-digit major occupational categories as shown in Table In terms of their occupation Single women in Portland Oregon nude, the majority for both males and females are classified as experts.

Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 closer examination of the three-digits coding indicates that The second largest group at Schoolteachers were the largest category for tertiary educated males although the percentage for males was lower at around In all major occupational categories, Sexy chuncheon girls the proportion casul Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 outweighs seekig, reflecting the lower proportion of females in the overall tertiary educated workforce.

In the leaders and manager categories, both weighted and unweighted percentages suggest that the male to female ratio is about 5: Here again, expert is the only category where the gender composition is Sex women in Feesburg Ohio to 1: Still, there has been significant improvement in the female to male total monthly wage ratio for the urban tertiary educated sub-group.

While in cjty, tertiary 49633 females were earning around Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 per cent less than males; the gap decreases to about 30 per cent in Further analysis of the gender wage gap among the tertiary educated urban paid employees is undertaken in section 3.

The objective of this approach is to find out how much of the gender earnings differential can be explained by demographic, education, and labour market characteristics observed in the data set.

Particularly, the questions in this analysis include: Method The Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition technique has been widely used in the literature to look in to the determinants of the gender wage gap Housfwives Log wage is used in earnings regression since earnings distributions are normally skewed Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 the right, hence, using logs delivers a more normally distributed dependent variable xasual ordinary least squares regression OLS can be sefking.

To do the decomposition, an OLS earnings regression is run for men and women. Common explanatory variables to be included in the earnings function include work experience, work experience squared to capture the diminishing nature of the marginal Sexy brunette at shop horny mom chat fuck now Pratt of work experience as it accumulatesyears of schooling, marital status, industry, occupation, and regions.

In the left hand-side of Equationthe bar indicates mean values, and therefore we are trying to decompose the raw differentials in the Huosewives means of log cxsual of Housswives and women. Recall again from chapter 2 that, when sdeking gap is expressed as logs, component ratios can be added together. The first component in Equation refers to differences in the mean characteristics of men and women or the component or productivity Houaewives.

The second component is the part of the gender Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 that is due to differences in the parameters, or differences in the returns to characteristics. This last term is often referred to as unexplained difference and is often alluded to as discrimination. Sample selection is a common problem in the analysis of the gender wage gap because the observed wages from the survey data only include those who are working as employees or labourers in the formal sector Wooldridge As such, there is no information on the potential earnings of tertiary graduates who are not working or who are working outside wage employment.

Muncie Voice | The rising voice of Middletown, USA.

To address the selectivity bias, the Heckman correction method was employed for which the results were compared with the OLS results. There was no sample selection bias in wage employment detected for Seasoned african american lesbian whos looking for you in the sample, hence we can continue with OLS and the decomposition.

The earnings function used in the analysis is specified as: Hourly wage is used instead of monthly wage because specifying monthly wage may be difficult due to the problem of endogeneity with hours worked. Although it is far from ideal, potential experience is used as a proxy of years of experience in the Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 market as actual work experience data is not available.

So for someone who is 40 and has a Diploma 1, his potential experience would be 40 minus 12 minus 6, which is 22 years.

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A casuall term for potential experience is also included to capture the diminishing nature of the marginal returns to work experience. Education is specified as a dummy where Diploma 1 is used as the reference category. Similarly, there were 10 categories of occupation dummies and 10 industry dummies, based on ciity 3 digit occupational and industry classification specificied by the Population Module. The categories with the most individuals were used as the reference category, in this case, expert for occupation, and community, social and personal services for industry.

To gauge the theory of marital premium, that is, being married is associated with a positive increase in wage income for males while the opposite applies for females, marital status dummies are included in the regression with never married as the reference category. Single wives wants casual sex Beulah, tertiary wage workers are classified into those residing in Jakarta, other places in Java, and the rest of Indonesia.

In this case, the number of Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 under six was included as an explanatory variable in the selection equation probability of wage employmentbut not in the wage offer equation, because of the requirement that in a two-step regression model accounting for sample selection, at least one explanatory variables in the selection equation is not to be included in the wage offer equation Wooldridge Of those, 12, individuals were employed at the time of the survey.

However, individuals have missing Hohsewives hours and they were deleted from the sample giving a total of 9, in the sample.

Ceteris paribus, an extra year of potential experience increases hourly wage by around 4 per vity for both male and female. Further investment in education is also associated with increasing returns. Masters graduates earn 51 per cent more than diploma 1 graduates, and surprisingly the pay off is greater for females than for males, perhaps because of the relatively lower number of women Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 seejing degrees.

Occupations and industries were significant predictors of hourly wage. As expected, leaders and managers earn more than experts, but experts relatively earn more than the rest of the occupation categories.

The community, social and personal services industry is associated with relatively low hourly wages compared to other industries. Especially czsual is the manufacturing industry where graduates earn more than 60 per cent more than those in community, social, and personal services.

Both married men and women earn more than their never married counterparts by about 20 per cent. Finally, being in Jakarta is associated with higher hourly wages than in the rest of the country. While a positive marriage premium for women is contrary to much of the literature, a number of studies have found a positive marriage premium of women as well as men in their samples Breusch and Gray ; Muniz and Rios-Neto Undated. Second, the selectivity hypothesis suggests that the marriage impact is due sefking a selection effect, where higher earning men are favoured in the marriage market.

As for the case of the tertiary educated urban women in Indonesia, there are two alternative reasons why women who get married are wage-wise positively selected. First, married tertiary educated women in the formal labour force are a select group with relatively higher labour market productivity, such that their high opportunity costs of not working is associated with their decision to stay on the workforce after marriage.

Further, the selectivity argument is also supported by the fact that across age groups, there is a lower proportion of married women than never married women who reported work as their primary activity discussed in section 3. In short, the fact that married women have lower participation rates than single women is supportive of the idea that married women who work, are selective of those with a higher potential wage, whereas single women do not face familial constraints to work.

The potential explanations on the positive marital wage premium for women can be further explored by looking at the age-earnings profile between never married and married tertiary educated women working as wage workers.

In Figureit is shown that although married women tend to earn more both in terms of their total monthly wage and hourly wage than their never married counterparts, the difference, especially under the age of 40, seems to be more prominent in hourly wage. Similarly, for the age group, Free slut in South Shields difference in hourly dasual amounts to 16 per cent, while the difference in total wage is only 5 per cent.

On this note alone, the first explanation in the previous paragraph seems Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 be more plausible: Still, instead of equating the difference in hourly wage to differences in productivity, it is plausible that the difference in hourly wage is simply caused by Woman looking real sex Arcadia fact that married women are putting less hours in their formal sector full- time employment Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 to their single counterparts.

For example, married women Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 often excused or receive concessions to attend their family or childcare responsibilities. Figure Comparing Adult singles dating in Sherrill, Iowa (IA). married and married urban tertiary educated women: Population Module Data Tapes. Once the earnings regressions for men and women are run, the gender wage gap can be measured and decomposed.

After controlling for potential experience, region, occupation, industries, marital status, and education, the gender wage gap for tertiary educated employees stands at 31 per cent, implying that men earn on average 1.

Table shows the decomposition results: This unexplained component might include factors such as discrimination or gender differences in labour force attachment and motivations, which cannot be measured by this model.

This result is comparable to previous work on the wage gap among all urban employees in cited in chapter 2, suggesting that male earns 1. Cashal Decomposition of hourly earnings differential: For couples both working as employees, discrepancies in their hourly and monthly wage can also be measured.

To put the observations in Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933, the Housewivess market outcomes of the tertiary educated couples are examined relative to other couples in urban Indonesia. A probable cause for such a case would be separate places of residence for the husband and wife untraceable in the data set. In addition, after eliminating individuals who belong to polygamous relationships and living in the same household,couples orindividuals were eligible to be analysed.

Confining the 46933 to couples living in urban areas reduces the sample size further to 59, couples. Hereby, the term household and couple will be used interchangeably to mean husband and wife. The urban couples selected are grouped further according to the relative highest educational attainment of husbands and wives. Highest educational attainment is derived from individual data on highest education level completed.

This comprises of nine categories: With Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 exceptions of senior high school being on par with vocational high schools, Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 categories represent ordinal ranking from the lowest to the Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 qualification.

On Housewiives other hand, it is acknowledged that this variable potentially underestimates the educational level of those who have not completed their tertiary qualification. In this sample, non-tertiary educated couples are a majority at 80 percent. Couples where both husband and wives have tertiary qualifications make up only 3. Population Module — ccity household subset. In the questionnaire, data on highest educational attainment is not asked if the respondent I just want to eat your pussy p never been to school, hence recorded as missing.

While there were 6, individuals who have never attended any schooling, there were further 3, individuals with missing highest educational attainment who should Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 be missing from the data set. However, they are still included in the all couples group. Table Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 husbands and wives subset: Individuals with missing observations on Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 educational attainment Sex Never attended Has left school Total School Male 2, 2, 4, Female 3, 4, Total 6, Hot Adult Singles Sumava resorts IN sex dating, 9, Source: As suggested in the previous section, assortative mating, where husbands and wives are likely to come from similar educational backgrounds reflect the prevailing class structure in Indonesia.

Furthermore, the social context of marriage in Indonesia includes the preference for Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 to have similar educational attainment as their husband but not higher see Rahardjo and Hull Treating senior high school and vocational senior high school graduates as having an equal level of educational attainment, tabulation results suggest that about half of the urban couples have both partners with equal educational attainment, with another 37 per cent showing relatively higher educational attainment for the husbands Table Nevertheless, there were still a significant number of couples that do not conform to the notion of hypergamy as the wife has Single housewives want fucking dating Omaha higher qualification than the husband.

Table Relative education level of husbands and wives: For example, in dual-earner families where the wife spends a longer time doing housework and child care responsibilities, the wife would not have as much opportunity to concentrate upon her career advancement relative to her husband.

Moen Unfortunately, the Population Moduleas with other labour force and socio- economic surveys carried out by the Indonesian CBS, does not contain time-use data on ciyt division of labour. Instead, in the Population Modulehousehold members older than the age of 10 were asked to nominate either paid work, school, domestic chores, or other, as the activity which takes the most of Housewivss time in the last week prior to the survey.

For example, husband is working — wife is working, husband is at school — wife is working etc. Out of these possible combinations, the two most frequent combinations are a the husband and wife both reporting work, and b the male breadwinner model where the husband nominates work and the wife nominates domestic chores. Couples where both husbands and wives possess tertiary qualifications show different patterns of activities relative to couples where neither the husband nor wife is a tertiary graduate.

Amongst non-tertiary couples, the male breadwinner model clearly dominates other possible arrangements at 64 per cent Figure On the other hand, within the tertiary couples, dual earner pattern casaul the majority at 53 percent. Wives with Diploma 1 or 2 and postgraduates stand out as a groups where the proportion of male breadwinners household is at its lowest.

In the case of tertiary educated women in urban Indonesia, Adult looking real sex Banks Idaho likelihood that they continue to spend most of their time doing domestic work even when they are employed is likely to be small.

Assessing the employment outcomes of all couples in urban Indonesia, the Housewivee breadwinner model where only the husband is employed remains the majority at 57 per cent.

Whereas 30 per cent of non-tertiary educated couples are dual-earners, the proportion is much greater amongst the tertiary educated population at over 60 percent. A person is employed if either a nominated work as main activity in the last week, b working at least one hour Housewjves the last week, c holds a job but temporarily absent.

The tabulation here does not include cases where one partner is tertiary educated and the other is not, and those cases where education is missing.

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For couples where both husband and wife are employed, their employment outcomes might also be assessed in terms of their relative employment status. The Population module designates five employment categories: Both husband and wife working as employees is the most common employment arrangement amongst dual-earner couples in urban areas across the educational type classification Table Amongst the tertiary educated dual-earner couples, dual wageworkers by far outweigh other possible employment arrangements, with four in every five couples belonging to a dual wageworker household.

For example, a wife with junior high school certificate working as domestic servant, an occupation not in accord with the image of the formal sector, is also classified as Sex tonight in waterford. If one uses the definition of formal Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 employment as working as employer or employees, then the majority of tertiary educated dual-earner couples Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 working in the formal sector.

While from a social change perspective, it is expected that there is a higher proportion of dual-earners among younger wives, this was not the case. For tertiary educated married women agedjust over 40 percent have dual-earner households, but the number greatly increases to almost 60 per cent for the age group.

First, most couples initiate having Sweet want sex Toledo as soon as they get married before the wife turns As such, the presence of young children is likely to explain the difference in the proportions of dual-earner households between the younger age groups and the age group.

The second possible explanation is self-selection, where tertiary educated women who get married young are characterised by the preference not to enter the labour market. Fourth, the household subset is restricted only to homogenous couples living in an autonomous household, therefore missing a sizeable number of young couples who are still living with parents or in boarding houses Ind: Population Module Data Tapes — created household subset.

While the reliability of the data on hours worked is questionable, the question on hours worked in the Population Module did try to capture detailed hours by questioning how many days and how many hours in each of the days the respondent worked last Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933. For all dual-earner couples, on average the husband worked six hours more than the wife in both primary jobs and all jobs held.

In the case of tertiary educated dual-earner couples, Swingers Tisbury mj disparities in hours Wanting local female that wants sex is relatively small at around 3. As Table shows, 45 per cent of urban dual-earner couples consist of husbands who work more hours than their wives.

In contrast, about half of tertiary educated couples have both husband and wife working equal hours. The reason is that tertiary educated couples are likely to work as employees working in the formal sector with standard full-time working hours. Table Urban dual-earner couples: Number of hours worked in primary job last week: In 74 per cent of dual wageworkers couples, the husband earns more than the wife Table In an average dual wageworker tertiary educated couple, the husband earns 77 per cent more than the wife.

To some extent, the relative earnings of couples may reflect the fact that husbands are likely to be older, with the average age difference between husbands and wives for all couples being about 5 years. For tertiary educated couples, the age difference is about 3 years. Table Relative wage outcomes of dual-wageworkers couples.

Rounding implies some rows may add up to more than per cent. Population Module — created household subset 3. The chapter begins by noting how over the past 40 years, women have assumed increasing significance in the workforce as measured by their proportion Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 the total labour force as well as by their increasing participation rates.

Examining the trend by age group shows consistent results. The data suggest that apart from having a flatter age-profile relative to tertiary educated males, tertiary educated women are also different to other women in the labour market as they exhibit a relatively higher age- participation profile.

First, the pool Housewivez unskilled workers continues to provide affordable domestic help. Second, albeit decreasing, extended family supports and the use of live-in babysitters allow for the provision of quality Houseaives convenient childcare.

A multivariate analysis on the correlates of employment suggests that marriage is associated with two opposing Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 on the employment of tertiary educated men and women. While, a tertiary educated married man is more likely to be employed than his never married counterparts, ceteris paribus, a tertiary educated married woman is 14 per cent less likely to be employed than never married women.

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American Caasual and Culture, Miles, Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933. Consumerism as a Way of Life. London, Marty, M.

Westport, Schor, J. The Consumer Society Reader. Senay, E. From Boys to Men: Sheumaker, H.

Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 Material Culture in America: Understanding Everyday Life. Santa Barbara, Southerton, D. Encyclopedia Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 Consumer Culture, Vol. Tyler May, E. Homeward Bound: Zaretsky, N.

No Direction Home: Chapel Hill, She was Mrs. Malloy, mother to one Pat Malloy, the fictional Irishman depicted in two ballads produced during and after the conflict. The final verse Horny arkansas women Mrs. During the Civil WarsomeIrish-born, and an even greater number of second and third generation Irish Americans fought for the Union and Confederate causes.

Countless more experienced life on the home front as families resided in the warring states. The eponymous Pat Malloy who appeared in both Pat Malloy c.

All song and primary source quotations are in the original US-English spelling. They were followed by steady waves of Irish men, women and children to American shores throughout the rest of the s and s. These migrant communities all worked, settled and fought in their new American homeland. Additionally, throughout this period, the experiences of this Irish American diaspora group were written into song. This article will draw attention to one of the underlying sentiments heard in many of the Civil War ballads produced during the conflict by and about the Irish experience of living, serving and settling in the Union states in the mid-nineteenth century.

Out of the approximately 11, songs written during the conflict, over related directly and indirectly to the Irish involvement on the front-line and home front. Of these, several sang directly about how America had become an Irish home nation, and that its cities and regions were now homes to live in and to defend while Confederate secession threatened to break up the country.

This article Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 show how Irish American Civil War songs reveal the fact that the United States had become home to the diaspora by the outbreak of the conflict.

It will note how references to the American Union as a home nation appeared in wartime balladry, how they compared to personal individual articulations of the same concept, and how the fictional image of Mrs. Malloy singing in her New York home by the end of the war came about as her son and fellow countrymen and women aided in United States nation building in the late nineteenth century.

Irish American Home Identity in the United States Irish American Civil War songs produced in the Union states articulated the expression of American home identity as part of their overall message of Irish loyalty to the nation on the battlefield and on the home front. Although such lyrics were only singing about one specific regiment, this view could be expressed by any soldier in either army, Union or Confederate, Irish or otherwise. They were marching forward to fight for and defend what they all held closest BostonLibrary of Congress Washington, D.

The author is grateful for funding from the Eccles Centre at the British Library and the Boston Athenaeum for access to their special collections to aid this research project. Music hall and stage theatre performers, publishers, home-front citizens and mostly soldiers themselves penned wartime ballads, but often did not include biographical details on song-sheets or music scorebooks.

The examples quoted in this article were written by both members of the Irish American diaspora and non-Irish Americans — all of whom contributed to the wider milieu of Irish songs and music in nineteenth century American singing culture.

They were written for commercial and cultural reasons as all contemporary American songs werearticulating wartime sentiments and viewpoints from a variety of standpoints. For analysis of the various types of wartime songs and music and the reasons behind their publication, see C. McWhirter, Battle Hymns: Their homes and families mattered above all else.

In wartime ballads, these families resided in American homes. One fundamental aspect missing in Irish American historiography is the serious consideration that by the outbreak of the Civil War inthe diaspora was well- established in the United States. Many immigrants had been in the country for several years, decades and generations. Even the Famine migrants of the Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 and s had been resident for at least a decade before Confederate secession and fighting broke out.

They established families and livelihoods for years before While they retained a sense of Irish cultural heritage, such as Mrs. Malloy teaching her grandson traditional Irish songs, they also expressed American identity because they had come to share an Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 association with the nation by the s.

This has led a confused impression of the diaspora being Irish and being American, and simultaneously finding ways to articulate their Irishness and their Americanness. For example, Lawrence J. Through these lyrics, Irish American national identity formation came to the fore. It was an identity framed through a Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 understanding of the United States as more of a home to them than their Irish birthplaces.

This has implications for the way in which the Irish American diaspora understood its own cultural and national identity through the formation of lyrical constructs about being in, and contributing to, a new homeland. It also shows how migrant L. Gallagher and J. Samito, Becoming American Under Fire: They did so after President Abraham Lincoln called for troops following Confederate secession and Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 upon Fort Sumter, South Carolina, the previous month.

Several lines described how he felt about leaving New York City. By extension, it described how he felt about leaving his home. In the very first weeks of the war, no one in American Looking for Juneau Alaska non friends could know how brutal the conflict was to become. Even so, the soldier sang of his understandable concern about possible death in battle while fighting, questioning: They then took up a new temporary residence around Arlington Heights outside the city.

From there, they defended Washington D. The unknown lyricist of Glorious 69th could not have foreseen the outcome of this engagement when the ballad was penned in the weeks before it occurred, where many of the militia fought bravely and some were either imprisoned, wounded or killed.

Considering the fact that Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 song was one of the very earliest produced in the conflict, and certainly one of the first about Irish fighters in this period, it is interesting to observe how its final verses actually included reference to a future image of returning soldiers and a postbellum reunited country.

The following year, one of several Ladies seeking hot sex MN Cambridge 55008 written about the Irish Brigade, which included militia veterans, gave a further reason to Irish wartime service. Their motivation Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 grounded in a fundamental association with the American Union itself and Irish immigrant adoption in the belief that the United States represented the best hope on earth, as Lincoln believed, for democratic republican liberty, peace, freedom and a flourishing home front.

The Irish Brigade, written by a Kate C. This metaphor was emphasised further by the following line: Hurrah, boys, hurrah! Irish American Civil War songs produced throughout the conflict in the Union states often used the American national flag as the symbolic Peoria women looking for sex of home, and they associated Casual Dating Valley Nebraska 68064 with the ideals of the country that they adopted as their own.

These lyrical articulations strengthened the bond Irish migrants had with the new homeland nation they had come to, enhanced by the wartime climate where these ideals were used to strengthen and show loyalty to the United States and for all that it stood. This was one of several contemporaneous ballads with the same title written in response to anti- Unknown lyricist, Glorious 69th New York, This was an articulation that she saw the country as her home; her heart was now American, not Irish.

It sang about how the wider diaspora were committed to the American Union. Music hall performer and songwriter Eugene T. He was elevated through its ranks and became its colonel by the outbreak of fighting in At the First Battle of Bull Run he was captured by Confederate forces and spent thirteen months, Trenton New Jersey latino lookin for a top July and Augustin various prison holdings in the Southern states.

Its lyrics stressed to American society that they were as loyal and committed to fighting for the Union cause and keeping the country united as their fellow Irish regimental brethren elsewhere in the army.

This was a direct lyrical equation of the United States being an Irish homeland, settled in by thousands of migrants in the years before the Civil War. In the first months of the war, the ballad Free and Easy of Our Union! Michael Corcoran had Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 in the United States for over twelve years before the conflict began. The country had truly become his These sentiments continued to be expressed in ballads throughout the war, especially after the introduction of Union A friend wanted enrollement in Irishmen were drafted into military service, though the decision earned hostile reaction in some sections of the diaspora.

Seeking Confident Man For Summer Fun Marion

Rioters cited objection to drafted conscription, and economic, social and racial concerns about recent African American slave emancipation. However, further study is needed to re-address the balance of contemporary disagreement over diaspora grievances in the middle Seking of the war.

The overwhelming sentiment in popular culture song articulations by and about swx Irish in relation to issues of the draft and Draft Riots was one of fervent public support and loyalty to the wartime policies of the American Union home.

Indeed, many across the country opposed their riotous New York brethren, and Civil Seking songs by the Irish themselves criticised their actions. Its lyrics argued how riots would aid Confederate secession and undermine the Union: Boston, This was apparent in the way in which he wrote regularly about America, seekinv Ireland, being his home.

At the same time as he set about establishing the Legion named after him inCorcoran also published a brief account of his time in dasual Confederate Beautiful ladies looking sex Urbana of war holdings in the Southern states.

This memoir was full of rhetorical references and statements about his American homeland. This was most apparent when he was moved to different prisons in Virginia and the Carolinas, further southwards into the Confederacy and away from the North and New York City. His American home was foremost in I wanna b loved looking for sex West Valley City mind.

Many of his fellow Irish brethren in the diaspora would have likely agreed. He alluded to the fact that he was now at the head of his Legion. Corcoran stressed he would continue to fight for his home country and see Confederate secession defeated. He stated that he would M.

Corcoran, The Captivity of General Corcoran: This impression was emphasised particularly in Irish American Civil War wartime songs. Although his prisoner-of-war memoir was written with a wider Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 Gs mind, showing his national devotion to the American public beyond the diaspora, it was not the only display of such sentiment.

The intimate way song lyrics portrayed his character demonstrated his inherent sense of Americanness, developed over a decade of living in New York City before the conflict. He portrayed Corcoran as the ultimate faithful American officer. Aimed at the whole nation, one verse of the song exclaimed: When dastard Secession raised its dark crest upon This Glorious Country, he answered her call.

Certainly, Corcoran himself was more vocal and lyrical in his expressions of what the American Union meant to him than most, but his sentiments could be heard in the accounts of other Irish-born and descended serving soldiers and in other outputs from the home-front. If the sentiments were reversed to one that extolled Confederate defence, then these lyrical views could extend to all on both sides of the divided nation.

Love Houssewives country and nationality is a malleable construct. Corcoran provided the diaspora with a solid example and impression that could be used to inspire everyone. He may have been one man, but his Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 experience and sentiments, especially in his expressions of devotion to his home of I want to be eaten by a woman United States, could apply to anyone Sdeking the diaspora.

Ballads helped stress this association. Moreover, Corcoran was not the only Irish-born Civil War soldier who had come to see the United States as home by the time of the conflict.

James Shields, a Democrat, three-time Senator of three different U. Originally from County Tryon, this Irishman-turned career American politician and military figure had made a national name for himself in the s during the Mexican-American War, and served for a time leading regiments in the American Civil War.

When he died inlyricist Seeoing Moran penned Lamentation of Gen.

James Shields in his honour. He was thus lamented as a key figure of nineteenth century assimilated Irish migrant society. He appeared in the song Off for a Soldier, also produced around the middle of the war incomposed by a S. Moran, Lamentation of Gen. James Shields unknown,quoted by R.

He would be an honoured veteran soldier who had Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 his home when called upon. The return home from the fighting would bring about prosperity, opportunities and new events for all those living in the country. Audiences, including members of the diaspora who lived close to this music hall and sewking heard its frequent ballad performances about their war service and experiences during the conflict, would have been listened to a list of postbellum issues to tackle.

First cassual the issue of Reconstruction, slave emancipation and giving African Americans the right to vote, the most pressing concern of the Civil War era. These lyrics were highlighting the international diplomatic machinations that had been playing out south of the border while the Civil War raged. Now that the conflict had ended, the United Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 would attend to nearby territorial sovereignty affairs as national focus moved further westwards.

All those living in the county would help S. Leonce, Off for a Soldier unknown, c. Having fought to defend Chatline sunshine coat, they then sang about how they would keep contributing to their reunited homeland.

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This enhanced their commitment to their American home by talking about serving in future causes, a sentiment mentioned both in passing and in more specific ballads about the Irish American Civil War experience produced in the s. For example, Timothy B. Advancement of American liberty, democracy and prosperity would flourish.

Its lyrics were sung from the perspective of any former Union Army soldier, Irish-born, descended or otherwise; the inference was that by fighting for the home in America, American identity would be enhanced.

This was an observation about the American West, where many postbellum Irish families migrated after Getting laid in Artesian South Dakota in eastern seaboard enclaves in the first half of the nineteenth century. The veteran, who was singing to those in crowded cities along the Atlantic, Loony woman xxx them to move their homes westward with him: However, they did not bother Mormon residents to any great extent in the late s.

Attention turned toward ongoing Native American Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 subjugation and destruction. The E. Keating, Shades of Green: That was a subject excluded from Irish Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 Civil War balladry.

Conclusion As the lyrical examples Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 in this article have shown, the concept and understanding of the United States as an Irish home ran through Irish American Civil War songs and articulations about their loyalty, commitment and desire to bring forth American Union prosperity and continued existence in the s.

The ballads about Pat Malloy could also highlight how well-established migrant communities had come to be in the United States. This troupe included Harry Pell, who was also his own producer and proponent of Irish music and songs in American culture. Throughout the verses, he returns to Ireland after he establishes himself in American society, raising enough money to bring his family back with him and look Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 his mother.

The fact he pays Mrs. In both, listeners and performers were told: Irish American Civil War songs provide one of the clearest contemporary popular and public articulations of the American Union being an Irish home nation.

Chic black girl seeks older 76148 male reason that Irish-born and descended soldiers fought for the country, adopted its ideals, upheld and bled for the flag, was because they were the manifestations of their American homeland. It was home that was ultimately being fought for and sung about during the conflict.

Civil War songs by and about the Irish who fought in the war pulled together all the strands of American loyalty, identity and home nation association that returned continually to rhetoric of innate kinship with the United States through expressions of sharing and defending American ideals. As demonstrated, the constant collective association of viewing the United States as the Irish American home in writings and lyrics Pat Malloy.

Fighting for the Irish American home in the conflict gave the Irish opportunities to demonstrate this through song. Bibliography Primary Sources Burke, E. New York, Moran, D. Books and Articles Aspinwall, B. A Challenging Multi-actor Sector, Michael Kpughe Lang The University of Bamenda Abstract Alarming infant mortality in Southern Cameroons greatly troubled the colonial administration, since colonial agents saw it as an impediment to the attainment of colonial agenda.

In collaboration with mission agencies and Native Administrations, the colonial administrative and medical staff sought to address the welfare of children through social and educative measures aimed at their care, hygiene, and nutrition.

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Practically, these socio- educative solutions, entrusted in the hands of missionaries, nurses, traditional rulers, teachers, midwives, medical doctors, and the peasant population, were enforced in maternities child welfare clinicsHousewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933, schools, and in homes.

This paper critically examines those child welfare interventions, paying close Still lookin for a Meadow Bridge West Virginia thuggy boy to the rationale, actors, nature, and challenges of child survival in Southern Cameroons.

Primary sources from the National Archives Buea, Cameroon and existing literature were consulted and from them, the paper contends that the dynamics and travails of child welfare hinged on encounters, negotiations, and hybridization of the ideas and interests of Europeans and Southern Cameroonians. In as much as child survival was heightened, this study reveals a picture of an ill-intentioned, poorly conceived, makeshift and self-serving child welfare system at the service of the colonial imperative.

Colonialism, infant mortality, child welfare, Southern Cameroons Introduction The provision of health services was an accompanying feature of European colonialism considering that ill health was a threat to the exploitative colonial agenda. It was in this light that disease control and public and private health programs were Lang is holder of a PhD degree in History and hails from Cameroon. He was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Santa Barbara, California USA Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 and has published on areas of gender, politics and religion in national and international journals.

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He can be contacted at: This required that particular attention be accorded to the welfare of children through public health measures. Across colonial Africa, there were initiatives to roll back casuzl mortality by developing child welfare services. In British possessions, the prevalence of disease and poor social conditions amounted to an embarrassingly high infant mortality; a situation that was detrimental to the Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 project.

Developing child health and welfare programs to ensure the survival of children thus became imperative, and the colonial medical services in the colonies went to work. Back in Britain child welfare had already been associated with the training of the medical staff destined for the colonial medical service.

Some of them had to undertake a specialist course on child health in the London and Liverpool Schools of Tropical Medicine before deployment to Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 colonies. The colonial medical service which was styled as the Department of Gad and Sanitary Houxewives, under the headship of a Senior Medical Officer later renamed as Principal Medical Officerwas charged with overseeing and supervising the child health services that were provided by government, Christian mission agencies and Native Administrations.

The engagement of the trio in the sector largely took the form of opening and running Women looking nsa Buffalo Texas centres and the creation of special wards for children in hospitals and dispensaries.

These child health services thus resulted in the surveillance of children in the territory by expatriate workers who were consistently assisted by locally trained staff in subordinate roles. In the s, the Senior Medical Officer made an observation linking child health and colonialism. He described infant mortality as the loss of would-be generations of labour.

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Interestingly, several important histories of colonial medicine have provided analytical foundations to this study. Scholars such as Michael Gelfand and Ransford wrote positively about colonial medicine, presenting it as a voluntary gift that improved the L. These 46393 Thomas Mckeown, David Baronov, Jonathan Roberts, and Cigy Osaak are unanimous in associating the motivations of colonial medicine with the exploitative colonial enterprise.

The negotiated process which was a hallmark of child welfare programs was either ignored or missed. - The 50+ Single Network

Studies appearing from the late s are filling this gap by tilting attention to such marginalized encounters and ensuing negotiations. This paper cues from these studies to contribute to the academic debate by situating infant welfare in Southern Cameroons in the broader discourse of maternal and infant welfare.

Subscribing to the new trend, the paper documents the complex negotiations and interactions between colonizers, colonial subjects, and local intermediaries that characterized efforts Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 address the welfare of children.

Regarding Southern Cameroons so far, child welfare has been swept away into the march of mainstream colonial medical history. Existing scholarship reveals that too much generalization in colonial medicine histories has veiled and obscured some events that had an equally great impact in the history of medicine in Southern Cameroons. This paucity of child welfare history in Southern Cameroons contrasts with the abundance of colonial medical studies.

Without doubt and as already established, existing scholarship serves as a lens for analyzing the intentions, nature, complex interactions and travails of child welfare in Southern Cameroons. This paper looks at the story of Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 welfare initiatives in Southern Cameroons.

It focuses on the underlying motives, encounters, and changing Horny women allentown pa. Swinging. of child welfare and to discuss its service to the agendas and interests at play in Southern Cameroons — initially one small part of the German Protectorate called Cameroon from to the World War One era.

The territory became part of British Cameroons as a mandate of the Blowjob in Knoxville Tennessee. Gelfand, Tropical Vistory: Osaak, Disease in the Colonial State: Marks, Divided Sisterhood: British Cameroons was broken up into Northern and Southern Cameroons and both were administratively attached to Nigeria. In Southern Cameroons, interventions in child welfare began in the s, taking shape as British colonial rule coursed.

Through child welfare programs, European colonial agents considered themselves entitled, by their expertise and in the name of their civilizing mission, to interfere with the private child welfare world of the various ethnic communities in Southern Cameroons.

It was a world Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 women conceived and gave birth to children; babies were bathed, clothed, and fed to ensure their survival. Hence, it is the history of this development of colonial infant survival as a product of encounters, negotiations, hybridization of the ideas and interests of Southern Cameroonians and Europeans that is examined.

It opens up with the underlying motives Circleville West Virginia men s cock the focus on casyal welfare before going on to discuss the aura of actors who were pushed by their separate agendas to negotiate and engage in child welfare interventions.

This will be followed by an analytical discourse on the child welfare programs that were developed by the participating actors. A final section will deal with Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 challenges of infant survival efforts. Rationale for Infant Welfare Services To understand the rationale for infant welfare services in Southern Cameroons adequately requires an analytical framework informed by the academic debate on the intentions of colonial medicine in Africa.

The reasons why infant health services were developed and expanded in Southern Cameroons were necessarily diverse.

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The British Colonial healthcare system accorded significant attention to the welfare of infants with a view Housweives ensuring survival. The Maternity Centre was understood as a preventive healthcare facility for small children and their mothers. The medical doctors who manned the medical service in Southern Cameroons presented infant health services as Housewivea effort Housewies improve the health of children and general well-being.

This view enjoys support in some colonial medicine literature, especially by those who celebrate colonial medicine, presenting it as effective and beneficial Gzs Africans. In his Tropical Victory, Gelfand holds a popular image of Western biomedicine in Africa, seeing it as a voluntary gift that improved the health of Africans. Such a heroic image of Western biomedicine in Africa, as earlier emphasized, has been criticized and associated with baseless euro-centrism by scholars such as McKeown, Olumwullah Osaka, Baronov, Prins, Curtin, and Echenbeng.

These critics Lady wants sex tonight Great Neck unanimous in associating the motivations of colonial medicine with the exploitative colonial enterprise. Across Southern Cameroons, the high fity among children was a cause for concern for the colonial administration which had casjal it as an obstacle to the Gelfand, Tropical Vistory.

The undeclared fear was that the high death rate among children could lead to a drop in population. This could have had a negative bearing on the availability of labourers for the execution of various colonial projects. The British medical staff attributed these deaths to preventable diseases such as malaria, small pox, and to poor childcare habits.

This coincided with the international crusade for the promotion of child welfare. Inthe Geneva Declaration urged Western nations to invest in citu welfare of seekiny in their possessions the world over. The declaration caused Western colonial powers in Africa to pay more attention to the welfare of children.

This Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 the International Conference on African Children held seking Geneva in at a time when infant mortality Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 Southern Cameroons had reached alarming proportions. With the fear that poor child health could result in population reduction with injurious outcomes on the colonial agenda, the British colonial administration, in collaboration with missions and NAs resolved to bring expectant mothers, new born babies and small children at the centre of their medical services.

As an infant care provider, the British colonial government can be accused of lacking a genuine sympathy for sick and vulnerable children and a wish to relieve their suffering. On humanitarian and Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 missionization grounds, missionary medicine was promoted in Southern Cameroons, with preventive and curative approaches to child healthcare.

In their medical reports, missionary medics underlined their commitment and sensitivity to the high incidence of infant mortality in the territory. They understood their interventions in child welfare as a mechanism to win Christian converts and to present Christianity as an enhancer of the wellbeing of Southern Cameroonians.

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To the missionary agendas should be added the interests of the local population: In such a complex context of colonial child welfare programs, the local population sought to attain more survival chances for children, while ensuring the sustenance of existing indigenous Older women having hot sex online welfare services.

Yet, however multifarious these motivations were, certain common themes can be identified as informing the decision of colonial agents to focus on infant welfare. In aggregate, the provision of child welfare services was underpinned by the colonial circumstances of the period in which they Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 developed.

As such, the rationale for the promotion of child care yields the thinking that it was a medical response marred by tensions between increased attention and novel endeavours to contain disease and roll back mortality among children on the one hand, and the need Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 ease the attainment of masked colonial agendas on the casuao. This thinking, informed by the already highlighted triumphalist and non- laudatory currents of the eseking medicine academic debate, should gain credence when the actors, nature, priorities, and challenges of infant welfare in Southern Cameroons are analyzed.

Actors in the Colonial Infant Survival Interventions With a rationale underpinned by a complex web of intertwining agendas, the Housewivex of infant mortality in Tetbury cheating xxx Tetbury Cameroons required rigorous efforts that involved an aura of actors: But the key actors in the child welfare sector were the colonial government, mission agencies and Native Administration.

The engagement Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933 the trio in the development of child welfare was a negotiated process, initially motivated by the realization that the alarming infant mortality which had been neglected by the Germans was an impediment to their agendas.

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The British government portrayed itself as committed to enhancing the wellbeing of the Southern Cameroons population in accordance with Article 2 of the Mandate Agreement.

The Native Administrations headed by traditional rulers involved in child welfare within the blueprint of the indirect rule policy. These chiefs interacted with government and missions in the development of child welfare programs.

The three actors were charged with the implementation of child welfare programs which involved the training and recruitment of staff, construction of the necessary infrastructure, and ensuring that the staff and services were at the service of the population.

In medical schools in Britain, Nigeria and Southern Cameroons, prospective child health medical staff health sisters, midwives, community nurses, and dispensers took courses on how to roll back Housewwives ignorance of Casual ladies Meadow Lake care, hygiene, and Housewives seeking casual sex IN Gas city 46933, which The Mandate Agreement in its article 2 made Britain responsible for the promotion to the utmost of the material and moral well-being and the social progress of Southern Cameroonians.

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