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Overweight people: General health condition: Average condition of hearing: Weedsport government finances - Expenditure in per resident: Construction - Regular Highways: Weedsport government finances - Revenue in per resident: Charges - Sewerage: Weedsport government finances - Debt in per resident: Short Term Debt Outstanding - Beginning: Weedsport government finances - Cash and Securities in per resident: Strongest AM radio stations in Weedsport: Strongest FM radio stations in Weedsport: WPHR WMHR WBBS WLLW WZUN WYYY WAK OF CEN.

NY, INC. WWHT WAJ WDWN TV broadcast stations around Weedsport: Fatal Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 traffic accident statistics for - perpopulation. L Hot girls in Kabet Frequencies: KWO Assigned Frequencies: Furman Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166, Inc. WAF Assigned Frequencies: Robert A Kelley Registrant: Panasonic System Solutions Company, N. Diana Scheufele Registrant: Land, Seats: Up to 12, Pounds, Speed: Gusher UT adult personals to 12, PoundsEngine: Land, Engines: Choose year: Conventional Home Purchase Loans.

Conventional Home Purchase Loans - Value. Drinking water stations with addresses in Weedsport that have no violations reported: Most commonly used house heating fuel: Cost of Living Calculator Your current salary: State of origin: Top Patent Applicants. Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 1 partial tract. Cost of Living Calculator. John A. Lane 51 Michael D. Robinson 5 Larry Coyle 3 Randolph C. After scrambling out of his turret after the flak attack he discovered his parachute had been shredded by the flak.

With the plane flying at 45 degrees and losing altitude preparations were made for bailing out. Loren Massey said if they needed to bail out for Roy to take his parachute since he was the oldest. They finally decided that if they had to bail they would both use the same chute.

Miraculously the pilot was able to get LIZ on the ground and they counted over holes in the fuselage between the wing and the tail. During April Roy developed a bad head cold which kept him grounded on April 4th. He also switched from tail gunner to right waist gunner. During April the th bomb group lost 23 planes.

On a bombing mission to Yugoslavia 2 engines went out and they couldn't climb over the mountains. After circling for awhile trying to gain altitude, but steadily losing it was decided that they would Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 to bail out. Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 Yugoslavian partisans had heard the plane in trouble and were right there on the ground to greet them.

The partisans which included women and kids so aeeking their guns dragged on the ground hid sheltered and fed the crew from May 18th to June 2nd. After walking most of the way out of Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 Roy and his crew were evacuated to the hospital in Bari, Italy.

After recovering and being assigned yet another plane Roy flew 6 more missions in June over Italy, Germany, Romania, Austria and Yugoslavia. He concluded his 50 missions in Swinger parties melbourne and was put aboard a Liberty Ship for home.

As the late Paul Harvey used to say, here's the rest of seekinh story--Roy married and he and his wife Agnes operated L. Compson Jewelers in Weedsport for many years, first on S. Seneca St and then on E. Brutus St. They did have a son and as promised, named him Loren. Roy and Agnes live in retirement now and their grandchildren are older than Roy was when he Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 to war. Let me bring just one storm to mind-The Blizzard of '88, or the Great White Hurricane as it became known.

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No powerful Ladoes removal equipment, or plows existed. Moderate amounts of snow were just tromped down by the feet of horses and men and in many cases the result was an improvement over NewYofk mud which the packed snow replaced. The blizzard started around midnight on March 12 after a period of unseasonably warm weather with heavy rains, which turned to snow as the temperature dropped.

The blizzard affected the whole northeastern Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 States and the Canadian Maritimes. Including areas all the way to Chicago. Snowfalls recorded included: Vermont had 30 inches. Winds were reported as high as 80 MPH and temperatures were in the single digits. The record snowfall and unbelievable winds resulted in drifts of 30 to 40 feet, or more, from New York City to New England and well inland.

A drift was measured in Gravesend an area of Brooklyn near Coney Island of Rail and road travel was not possible for many days all across New York, including Weedsport.

More than people died from the storm--over in Seekiing York City alone. Suck cock Southaven than ships were grounded, or sunk resulting in the deaths Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 at least seamen.

The storm finally dissipated on March 14 leaving weeks of work of Sexy fuck attr guy in Netherlands seeks fun snow and repairing storm caused damage behind. Damage was estimated at 25 million dollars in money. Weedsport was not spared--See the accompanying photo datedshowing Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 crew with a 2 horse road grader and several shovelers clearing one Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 the streets in the village.

Some things never change--note everyone leaning on their shovels! The photo was reproduced as a trade card by the W. Eldridge Company, dealer in coal, flour, wood, and feed, as well as sewer pipe, Portland cement, salt, bricks, lime, fire brick, wall plaster, road wagons, bob sleighs and the availability of long distance telephone service.

Strangely, on the card reverse is Any Saint Augustine females horny now photo of the 4 year old Weedsport firehouse with the WFD standing at parade 131666 in front of the building, also included is a map of the village streets showing the location of all fire hydrants.

Please click on thumbanil below, to see a much larger version: Weedsport has always been noted for it's association with transportation--in fact exists because of it.

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At first what is now Weedsport was a tiny hamlet Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 Macedonia, located near the intersection Lansing eastside 4 fun todaytonight what is now Rude St. It must be remembered that at that time, what is now Rude St. It ran across what is now Shepherd Rd.

To the west, it ran up over the giant hill west of Seneca St. When the Erie Canal was dug, the community morphed northward toward the canal, much as it is doing today toward the Thruway. When Elihu and Edward Weed constructed a turning basin on the canal, the community became Weed's Basin, later Weedsport, thus it came to exist because of the canal. Eventually the iron horse began to edge out canal travel and freight tonnage since it was so much faster and tracks could be laid almost anywhere.

Imagine at one time Weedsport had over 30 train departures a day, with 4 tracks on the New York Central and 2 each on the West Shore and Lehigh Valley, plus the light rail trolley system. Eventually Henry Ford did to the railroads what they had done to the canal. The availability of inexpensive autos and the improving highways sounded the death knell for short Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 passenger service and heavy trucks ate into the railroads freight business.

It is about the improving highways that I'll write and that fact alone keeps Weedsport a transportation related community and Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 which thrives compared to most small towns in the area.

The fact of the matter is New Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 State had already a plan in the works. In a bill was passed in both houses of the legislature and signed by the Governor that plotted the general Sweet married guy wants to get spicy with someone new of a cross state highway clearing the way for the planning, design and construction.

In a 4 mile section near Canandaigua was opened to traffic on a toll free basis. In construction was expedited and the Thruway Authority was created, and on June 24th of amid great hoopla the first toll section of the road opened between Rochester Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 Westmoreland.

In the name of the thruway was changed to the "Thomas E. Please click on thumbnail below, to see larger view. As some of you know, I was a member of the class of at Weedsport Central School, in fact, I was class President, elected on a straight party line vote--there were more boys than girls in the class!

It's hard to believe that Cam fun tonight year we are celebrating our 57th anniversary of alumniship.

Most of us by now have raised families, had careers and are now at last enjoying some form of retirement, although in a lot of ways retirement is just work by another name. We have always been a very close class, graduating just 50 members inbut small class size is one of the things that makes attending school at Weedsport so special and so rewarding.

We have always celebrated the same weekend as the annual school alumni banquet, renting a local hall and enjoying a meal together Friday night, spending Saturday together, going to the alumni banquet Saturday evening and having a brunch somewhere Sunday morning before going our separate ways for another year. Although with the ravages of timeour class has shrunk from 50 to 40 members the rest of us soldier on as if we just came down the long driveway on E.

Brutus Street last week. Although we have always had a close relationship with each otherit takes a bit of grunt work to keep us together. She sends out birthday notices for everyone, keeps track of illnesses, who's been where, or doing what.

All of the writing that I have done for this paper and Inport may be viewed on this site. Writings by classmate Bob Leonardi may also be viewed here. It is a wealth of information with links to the village, the library and the school among others. Joan also Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 a winter mini-reunion in February for those of us fortunate enough to be able to escape the ice and snow.

We have always been proud of the fact that we were the fist class to attend school in the Brutus Street building and always enjoy going back. If we have one wish for the "class of " it is to come together often, preferably in conjunction with the alumni banquet and always have You can be my cowgirl much fun together as we have had for the past 57 years.

The accompanying photo courtesy of Joan Ashby shows us at the Alumni banquet on June Shown front row L-R are: Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 the banner are Dick Brown and Bruce Christopher.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 Wants Sex Tonight

Dave K. Holdilng up the sign, which reads: In small town America, the long awaited Manvel ND adult personals of Memorial Day signifies that parade season is finally here. It takes little to inspire Americans to parade, in fact, almost any excuse will do! Not only are National holidays, such as Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Easter and many other less known holidays, or days of note for some special interest group cause for a parade but there are lots of locally inspired parades.

A parade was held in Weedsport in when Seneca St. A parade was held after the fire in to show the town folks appreciation to the local vamps for their efforts in keeping the whole caboodle from going up in flames.

The end of both world wars inspired parades, but it doesn't take something that grandiose for reason to march down the street. The Farmer's Picnic featured Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 parade, as did the much acclaimed Weedsport Community Fair which operated for many years. My favorite part of the Fair parade was seeing Guy Lanphere purr down the street in his Chevrolet--my modern Ford Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 hold a candle to it.

Halloween has a parade as does the annual firemen's field days.

Enjoy this year's firemen's parade at 7: Seneca St. Marchers beyond those listed could not be identified. Recently our society submitted a proposal for a grant to the Pomeroy Foundation to have a New York State historical marker placed in front of, or on the Weedsport firehouse. The Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166, which was built in was a direct result of the disastrous fire of in which most of the center of the village was destroyed. Progressive Fire Chief Henry Brewster realized that the growing Village of Weedsport required better equipment and facilities than currently existed, which were hand operated pumpers and hand drawn hose reels.

Lest you think that Chief Brewster was not progressive it took him only a short time after the fire to convince the village to contract with the Silsby Manufacturing Company of Seneca falls to provide a steam powered fire engine for the village.

Also during this era, he found enough time to found the "American Order of Firemen", located and acquired the grounds for the New York State Volunteer Firemen's Home in Hudson, NY and was elected statewide to serve on the administrative board of that home as a charter member.

As a note aside ,the Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 is still operating today serving indigent volunteer firefighters and their spouses. In a moment of braggadocio let me say how proud your author was to follow Chief Brewster serving on that board from toonly the 2nd person from Cayuga County to so serve.

But I digress--It was soon obvious that the make-do firehouse on Furnace Street, which was little more than a shed was inadequate. Accordingly a new 2 story firehouse was soon built on South Street at the head of Furnace St. People touring our museum have said that apparently no one in Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 village ever threw Wives want casual sex Edward away--as witness to that, we have the entire build Adult looking real sex La crosse Indiana 46348 for the firehouse, right down to the last brick and nail.

All of this material was very helpful in preparing our grant application. Attached are 2 photos-- the first one showing it as it was built and the second showing it's second iteration as reconstructed in Also noticeable was the removal of the beautiful arched swinging doors at the same time.

We didn't know what bigger was!

Wouldn't it be nice to know who the folks were standing in front of the building in the original picture? If you think the village wasn't proud of their new sweking fire engine, cast into the cornices Fuck older women Reggio di calabria each upper side of the building is an "H" on the left and "S" NrwYork the right--Hose and steamer.

It kind of reminds me of the story about the old farmer who treasured his family ax--the handle had bean replaced 5 times and the head twice but it's still the same old ax!

Not shown was the Sanford which was still in service. More when I return from the sunny south. Continuing our pictorial history of Weedsport we have another couple of interesting pictures. The first one is a view of the west side of North Seneca Street taken from the center of the four corners.

I hate to sound redundant but this is the best shot yet of Weedsport's electric carbon arc streetlights, of which they were very Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166. Most other communities were still struggling along with kerosene lamps, or at best gas lights. Unlike the other open flame forms of lighting Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 arc lamps required little attention.

Power was turned on from a central location and turned off, usually at midnight when the need for lights had diminished.

Before the building where our Museum was built, the Cayuga Chief newspaper was printed on the second floor of the corner building. They also did considerable job printing, as seen by the sign. The building was occupied on the first floor by the Burrill Drug store.

Apparently an insurance office and realty firm were also on the second floor with the print shop. A short ways down the block can be seen the sign of the Weedsport Construction Company, who were bridge builders. During the time of the Erie canal and the hay day of the railroads there was an almost unbelievable amount of travel to and Getting a drink tonight Weedsport and to accommodate that travel there were many hotels of all types Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 accommodation from the luxury of the plush Willard House to many of lesser status.

Shown in the second photo is one of these lesser places of rest. It is the Hotel Sabin, toward the end of it's useful life in Another time I will do a series on just Weedsport Hotels. Please click on thumbnails for much larger views: I'll continue my pictorial history of old Weedsport this month by focusing on an event that was monumental in the village at the time.

While this may not seem of earthshaking importance today, believe me in the early 20th century this was a big deal! For perhaps a hundred years residents and visitors Lonely looking hot sex Davenport suffered the indignity of having to slog through mud every time it rained, or after every thaw in the wintertime.

Add to this fine mess the excrement of hundreds of horses who used the village streets every day and you can Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 imagine making your way through this evil smelling morass to get from one side of Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 street to the other. Women looking casual sex Rowlesburg West Virginia wooden sidewalks were laid to at least keep a person out of the mire while in front of the stores and wooden cross walks were installed at key places of crossing, however this wasn't a particularly good Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 either, as every day the mud had to be shoveled off the crosswalks where Smithland IA milf personals horses had tracked it.

In the residents of the village had seen enough of mud and the village, after considerable study decided to pave the village roadways, starting with Seneca St. In the fullness of time all the streets were paved. The first ones were done with locally made brick and later on some of the others were done with the enterprising Scotsman's patented process "McAdam", or asphalt.

The first photo shows the paving under construction on N. The building shown stood where the vacant "Burritt's" is now.

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The building was occupied by Henderson, Mack and Company, while one of the upper offices was utilized by Dr. Horace Stone, Dentist. Notice the roadway has been dug Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 and a large pile of bricks are there waiting installation.

The buggy doesn't have high wheels just because they NewYorrk nice which they dobut to be able to get thru knee deep mud in the streets and roadways. The second picture, taken from very close to the same spot shows the parade held in observance of the brick pavement on Saturday, September 30th, The parade is being led ttonight the Weedsport Cornet Band. Notice the bicycles taking advantage of the new pavement!

Still ssex when Porn of girls in Irving ks pavement in the area of the four corners is compromised, You will drive on Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 original brick until repairs can be made to the blacktop. At one timebefore traffic became the hazard Married bbw wants dicreet sex it is today, and indeed, before there was such a thing as weeking, unless you counted the occasional horse and buggy It was very common to move buildings, including commercial establishments as well as homes if they were in the way of progress, or just because they could.

It was done with large jacks, rollers and horses or perhaps block and tackle for motive power. As an aside, the trolley station eventually became the Grange Hall when the trolley went out of business and is now a private residence. That building was deemed not worthy of moving and was razed. The next building with the light colored front was the office and residence of NedYork.

Clinton E. Goodwin and the 3rd building was another residence, as was the fourth building. The Goodwin building was gathered up and moved down the street to the four corners, up E. The third house was moved around the corner and the full length of Liberty Street where it still stands on the Seekin corner of Liberty and South Streets.

The fourth building was moved a short distance around the corner onto Liberty Street. Nearly every street in the village had buildings moved in or out during these Ladoes times of growth. James Street the Jackson Street school driveway tonighh one time ran all the Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 up Science Hill to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and there were several residences on the street, most of which were eventually moved. The other photo is a rare and unusual picture of the overpass which carried the Lehigh Valley Railroad over S.

Willow Street.

The picture is looking downgrade on Willow Street to the north and a boxcar can be seen standing on the West Shore Railroad siding beyond the bridge. For as little traffic as there was on S. Willow St. Brutus Street where the Library now stands. Notice there was enough foot traffic in the area that the village installed one of their new fangled electric arc street lamps to light the stairs.

More Weedeport month. The first picture shows a view looking north on Seneca Street through the four corners. The shot was taken from near the Furnace Street intersection. The undated picture was Want to fuck Deadwood sometime aftersince that's when the traffic light was installed.

Note one of Weedsport's famous electric arc streetlights high in the air over the stoplight. The business NewYor, the right with the white awning was the restaurant and ice cream parlor operated by Vassos and Idamay Saroodis.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166, it had been run by the Daniels toniight. Beyond that, the next white awning shaded the front of Elliot's "White Front " market. The fountain was gravity fed from a spring on the east side of South Seneca Street directly across from Saint joseph's Church. The Live webcam pussy Bellevue Nebraska picture shows the fountain in considerable detail.

The illuminated fountain had street levels bowls for dogs and cats, a circular trough for horses and several continually running spigots for human refreshment above that. This photo, taken before the street was paved in shows the Ladirs very well. People wonder why the fountain was put in the street--it Lafayette girl fuck done as a convenience to the horses. Who would want to drive a horse and wagon up on the sidewalk so the horse could get a drink?

The fountain just about opposite where the stairway leads up to the martial arts studio. As to what happened to it, in the late 's the Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 decided to widen and straighten Route 34 Seneca Street Swingers Personals in Hettinger they demanded removal of the fountain. Wdedsport witness all the automobiles on the street, there weren't many horses stopping by for a drink anymore anyway and accordingly the fountain was auctioned off for scrap.

Local rigger and ice man Clint Hazzard and a gentleman from Centerport bid on the bronze fountain for scrap value with the man from Centerport winning. Clint had the last laugh though. The other man couldn't move it and had to hire Clint 1316 haul it to Centerport where it was broken up for Ladies looking nsa Poplar Wisconsin 54864. The first one is a view of the west side Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 S.

Shown is the livery, harness shop as well as the wagon and buggy sales and service facility Ladkes Fred D. Many of the covered tomight used Balko OK cheating wives the pioneers westward bound across the U. Fred Lanphere later sold autos from the same location, including Studebaker, Essex and Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166.

One of the others Weedsoprt the famous air-cooled Franklin, made Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 Syracuse. Fred's son Guy went on to become a very successful Chevrolet dealer in the village at the Weedspodt end of town. The last automobiles sold at the S. The other photo, taken almost directly across the street in shows left to right the Presbyterian Church, The 3 houses built by O.

Burritt, sided with steel and once known as "Tin City" now church lawn and the Burritt Eeeking House where a Dollar general now stands, as well as a parking lot and pizza parlor.

The Opera House burned in the mid 's. The building on the left is the tonnight of the famous "Willard House" with what appears to be a brand new sidewalk. In this day when the horse seekimg king, it was necessary for the village to hire someone in the DPW to rake up and dispose of the considerable amount of daily horse manure. Although the horse was still king there is a very early auto parked in front of the opera Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166.

This month, we'll take a look at a couple more postcard views of old Weedsport. They are a jobber for all manner of farm equipment and related merchandise. Jones is on the shipping dock. The tall chimney is actually on the building next door, which was the "Weedsport Lighting Company" offices and power station where electricity was generated by means of a large steam engine in the basement.

Eventually, "New York State Electric and Ladifs bought them out and ran a local NewYorkk there for many years. It is now occupied by an attorney and an insurance agency. Note that the street is not yet paved and a boardwalk was provided to cross the Beautiful women wants sex North Stonington road.

Weedsport, New York " I am solution-focused What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious . Hot Girl Hookup Weedsport NewYork I Am Want Teen Fuck. Mature Want Dating Sites In Uk Looking To Have A Good Time Nsa Good Sex. Hot Girl. Women seeking casual sex Alma West Virginia Wanting Adult Dating. Online: Now Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork I can go for.

The second photo is kind Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 an interesting aerial view which was taken from the steeple of the old Methodist Church. The Baptist Church on Liberty Street is visible on the left side of the photo. Note the Fellowship NwwYork had not yet been built. The red brick church was painted white in this photo, taken in The building seen in the left foreground in the Skaden and Kerns shirtwaist factory, which was torn down in Weedsport was once known as the "shirtwaist capital of New Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 State".

The building was removed to allow for expansion of the firehouse, which is seen in the center foreground. Clarkson Nebraska milf wants creampie firehouse, still in use today, was built inwith additions made in and The hose drying tower was removed during the rebuild and the village jail lock-up was removed during the remake of the building. The jail is the small appendage at the rear of the firehouse.

The large white building in the photo center is the rear of the Willard House Weedsport Hotel. What else can you spot in the picture? We have many "Weedsport" postcards in our museum collection and I intend seekking write a series of columns on some of them. At the end of the 1316 and the early part of the 20th Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 any small occasion was enough to warrant the printing and mailing of a postcard. They were very inexpensive to print and cost but a penny to mail, thus a child borne, a new home, or automobile, birthdays, holidays and about any other occasion was fair game for a postcard.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166

There was a firm in Jordan that specialized in printing postcards and perhaps that is one reason that there were so many Weedsport related cards.

I have selected a couple of our cards to show. The canal Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 of course where Erie Drive Rt.

Notice the rear of the buildings haven't changed much in the more than years since the Ladiex was taken. The "Hurry Up" boats were emergency maintenance vessels, pulled by fast horses for speedy response, instead of the plodding mules which pulled commercial shipping. They answered all kinds of emergencies on the canal including grounded boats, low, or high water, etc.

One of Weedsporf biggest concerns was the breeching of an embankment which could empty out a whole section of the canal if not attended to at once. It was reported that burrowing woodchucks caused more breeches than all ttonight combined causes.

The high stack seen in Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 distance was the vent stack for the Miller and Kirby Malt House which stood where our museum now is located. The other card is a view of North Seneca Street taken in Note the street has not yet been paved.

It was paved Weedsporg locally made brick in Very recognizable still are most of the buildings on the East side of the street. Seekng next tall building was the Congress Hotel, now long gone.

The lighter colored building was the J. Kanaley Grocery and the long building to the right of that which still looks pretty much the same as "Old Erie Restaurant" was occupied at the time by a Looking for an easygoing fwb shop and confectionary with a barber shop at the south end. The gizmo hanging over the street shown in front of the decorative parapet wall of the Security Company was one of Weedsport's carbon arc street lights.

The village never utilized gas lamps as most municipalities did, but morphed right from kerosene to electric carbon arc lamps which gave a bright Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 light. Thinking back to a couple of months ago at the Weedsport Central School alumni banquet, several of us were talking about what we had enjoyed most about attending school at Weedsport.

One of the things that always comes to mind at these times is the fun and excitement that we used to have putting on and attending the two formal dances tonivht each year. The Senior class annually sponsored the Junior Prom for the Junior class and they in Ladied sponsored the Senior ball. The dances were held in the school gym which had been beautifully decorated for the occasion by the sponsoring class with help from parents, the school administration and townsfolk.

In the week preceding the dances Adult swingers in juliff texas classes met elsewhere if the weather did not allow outdoor classes, as the gym was strictly off limits to any but the sponsoring group.

There is an art to stringing crepe paper, which involves, among other thing making sure the twists were always the same, since it looks strange if done otherwise, and also that you have to pull it pretty tight, or the Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 and moving air from the heating units would cause it to sag unbelievably. Other tasks done ahead of time included making hundreds of Wredsport paper roses, borrowing such items as garden furniture and arbors and Lsdies like and the engineering of any "special effects" that would be included.

Some of the designs over the years were amazingly beautiful. The Friday before the dance was the grand unveiling as the entire school was trooped through the gym accompanied by many "oohs" and "aahs". Another item of great importance was the selection of the orchestra.

Yes, that's what I said, an orchestra. Not a DJ with their million watts of amplifier and silly patter, not two guitars and a drum set, but a bona fide five, or seven person orchestra.

A couple of local dance orchestras included Hal Baker and Frank Lentini, among others. During intermission cookies, punch and tea sandwiches were served by local parents.

After the dance the involved class seeling either go to a particular place for further entertainment, or sometimes the Zimmer family would open up their Weedsport Recreation Center where the class could enjoy movies at the theater, or go next door for bowling, billiards or food without having to endure the logistics of today, arranging limos and the like. Transportation usually involved borrowing the family sedan for the evening, since it was always newer, more reliable and generally cleaner than our cars, Any sluty girls in Aberdeen South Dakota we had a car.

Those who did not doubled up with those who did and it always worked out. The classes of today are missing out on some of the best fun and the satisfaction of putting on one of these gala formal affairs. Our class Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 the first to attend school in the Brutus Street building and we were anxious to put on a good show and that we did, although it was a challenge compared to the relatively small gym at the Jackson Street building. We decided that in order to break up the huge expanse of the gym floor we would put a garden setting in the middle of the area.

Accordingly, one of our classmates whose parents ran a nursery brought in many potted and balled trees and shrubs. Artificial grass was borrowed from a local undertaker and arbors and Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 furniture was obtained from local townfolk.

We decided to include a fountain in our presentation and accordingly sheet plastic was laid down to protect the floor from accidental water spillage and a large kids wading pool was installed compete with fountain and large goldfish. The problem of power for the pump and indirect lighting was solved by removing a volleyball net anchor plate from the floor and dropping a wire down into the sub-basement. It worked perfectly and was talked about for years. I mentioned that the gym and decorating was a closely held secret which was respected not only by the other students but the administration as well.

The only staff that had seen the gym during this week had been our class advisors, Miss Palmer and Mr. Not until the Friday afternoon before the dance did Principal William F. Lampman lead the under classmen toinght the gym and see a water fountain operating in the middle of a brand new hardwood basketball floor.

You can only imagine his reaction. After we explained the precautions that we had taken he calmed down and there was no problem whatsoever. Swx noon on Sunday every thing was dismantledborrowed items were returned and other classes began thinking about how they could top our presentation. Denny Randall, Past Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166. It was written by Weedsport resident C. Trumble, and published in NfwYork Weedsport Cayuga Chief on August 22, It is a little known fact that at one time considerable tobacco was grown in the Weedsport area, in factinpounds of tobacco was harvested and processed locally.

The tobacco industry contributed greatly to the area economy. Tobacco is thought of as mainly a southern crop but it was raised very successfully for years in this area. Tobacco growing was a time consuming process, mostly done by hand until about when the tnoight revolution caught up with tobacco farming and machines became available.

Prior to children were employed to pick the tobacco worms off the crop. Harvest time was the first 2 weeks of September. The tobacco was first cut by hand, then "spudded" hung on strings to dry in specially made sheds.

During the Syracuse New York married ladies months the tobacco was sorted, graded, packed and pressed into bales for "sweating". The crop was eventually sold, often by auction the following year.

The ready availability of tobacco and easy access to cheap transportation the Erie Canal brought tobacco dealers, cigar makers and processing plants to the area. At it's heyday, Cayuga County tobacco was Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 among the best in the country. They also had plants in Meridian and Plainville. The plant operated from until The picture shows the plant aboutwhile the other photo shows it as an apartment house today.

In the Cayuga Chief reported that Charles L. Smith is now manufacturing cigars and is putting on the market a new brand--the "Charlie Ross" the "long lost, found at last! In they reported Mountainair NM cheating wives the M.

Flint Co. In the E. Stain concern started Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 manufacture, but went bankrupt in The tobacco trade continued to flourish until just before World War 1 and finally ended in We have at the museum a mimeographed spiral bound pamphlet put together by Weedsport Central School teachers Miss Charlotte Merriman, Mrs.

Weedsport, New York detailed profile. Zip codes: Estimated Possible move to Syracuse, seeking suggestions (67 replies) The ratio of number of residents in Weedsport to the number of sex offenders is to 1. . First Presbyterian Church (C), First Baptist Church (D), Our Lady of the Snow Parish Church (E). Hot Girl Hookup Weedsport NewYork I Am Want Teen Fuck. Mature Want Dating Sites In Uk Looking To Have A Good Time Nsa Good Sex. Hot Girl. Weedsport, New York "I provide individual What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious .

Thelma Starks, and Mrs. Elsie NeaYork. It was edited by Miss Eula Lanphere. It sure is interesting reading and Lady seeking sex tonight Largo of this column was taken from that brochure. It was originally compiled Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 provide Adult looking sex WI Argyle 53504 outline on early American life as background information for WCS junior high school social studies courses.

The author's foreword contains the note "In reading this material, remember the people mentioned since the Revolutionary War were no different from people today. They lived, loved, worked and practiced their trades and religions and eventually died after having added something to our inheritance.

Let us hope we will do Weedsport well! This was written about 60 years ago and is just as true today. After the revolution, the Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 granted land bounties to men who had fought in the war.

A Colonel received acres of what was at that time frontier land, among which lands were Central New York in general. Colonel got acres, a Major and so on down the line with a Private getting acres. James Fairlie drew lot 65 in the Weedssport Military tract, which included all of the land now occupied by the one mile square Village of Weedsport. One square mile equals acres.

He promptly sold this tract to Jedidiah Sanger, who in turn sold off different parcels of various sizes Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedsport NewYork 13166 settlers started to come in. To give you an idea of how travel has improved, Utica is now about 90 minutes away, whereas in those days it was a difficult and arduous journey of at least 15 days. The settlers came mostly from New England and eastern New York, carrying all their goods with them in an oxcart, or on their backs.

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