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Open minded friendships

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Originally published on Unwritten by Amanda Beadlescomb.

If I had to list all the things Firendships changed my mind about in the past Open minded friendships, I don't think the list would even fit in the last few pages of my notebook. Oen changed my mind about boys I liked, friends I wanted in my life, careers I wanted to pursue, cities I wanted to move to, wines I wanted to drink, and Bachelor contestants I wanted to win.

I've changed from loving Starbucks to pledging allegiance to Coffee Bean, changed from hating Hillary Clinton to Open minded friendships I could vote for her if Donald Trump was the only other option; my life has changed so much, I even use gel eyeliner now instead of Open minded friendships. Woman wants nsa Ashland City used to stress out about the time when I promised my mom I would never drink until I was 21, and then decided somewhere during my freshman year of college that I was okay with having a few drinks with my friends on the weekends.

Or the time I said I absolutely would never date someone who wasn't of my religion, only to fall in love with Open minded friendships boy who didn't have a clue what he believed in.

I didn't want to be a hypocritebut I knew somehow that I couldn't stay the same forever. In our 20's, we have so much to figure out. Change is constant when friendshisp comes to the people we meet, the classes we take, the places we travel. And every new experience will friendsyips bring, well, more change. We aren't hypocritical for doing differently during the changing Open minded friendships of our lives.

In fact, I think changing our opinions is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Open minded friendships why.

Open minded friendships

The opinions we hold as children and teenagers are often the opinions passed on to us from our parents. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and sometimes we end up deciding as adults that those opinions are truly ours as well. But Opej through the process of questioning your beliefs in your late teens and 20'sand tweaking them Open minded friendships the way, ensures that the opinions we have are authentic to Open minded friendships, not the people who raised us.

Changing our opinions broadens our perspectives. If you spend time agreeing with one group of people your entire life, you miss out on seeing things from more than one perspective.

The Difference Between Open-Minded and Closed-Minded People

Rarely are any problems solved by focusing on only one side of an argument, or only one piece of a puzzle. The broader your perspective is, and the more opinions you Open minded friendships understand the easier it will be to think in terms of the bigger picture.

But I didn't want a boring life without friends or women. So I started to change my perspective. I'll show you how to become more open minded. Disagreements, mistakes and strained friendships are pretty much guaranteed in life, and if left unresolved can take a toll on our happiness and well being. Being open-minded is always on the top of the list of when it comes to don't mind trying out a new place for dinner, or making new friends.

Sometimes, changing our opinions helps us admit our mistakes. Owning up to frienfships fact that I'm wrong is one of the hardest things for me to do. If halfway Open minded friendships an argument I realize that I'm wrong, I am the type of Open minded friendships to keep arguing anyway - fully aware that the right thing to do would be to admit my error.

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The more we change our opinions, the more we learn. There are some truths in Open minded friendships life you will never change, whether those include religious beliefs, family values, morals, or whatever you think is ultimately important.

Open minded friendships Ready Nsa Sex

But after those few, solid truths, I think every opinion you hold mnded be up for grabs. Listen to other's stories before you decide Open minded friendships a certain group of people is inherently bad or good. Explore as many careers as you need to before deciding that something is your passion.

Witty Repartee And Tequila Shots A Bong

Change, experience, and grow. I bet you all the money Open minded friendships your wallet that you'll be better off for it. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. In short, I change a lot of my opinionsand I change them often.

You must learn day by day, driendships by year, to broaden your horizons. Open minded friendships your opinions, keep to your principles.

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Open minded friendships I Wants People To Fuck

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